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Where Have You Been?!

Hello all! If anyone is reading this, that is lol.

So, we will begin with where I have been lol … Well, prior to me launching this website for video game modding/tutorials, I was ahead of my time. I was young and a few years passed after graduating from High School. Also, at that time I was raising my son on my own (since he was an infant)! Add that with working full time. It did put a limit to my content creation and videos. But, all that begins needs to have an ending!

I currently have a college degree in Computer Science (Programming) and at the time of this writing, I am finishing up my Cyber Security Information Assurance degree.

As I am expanding my career growth, my time is even more limiting with studying and raising a son! But fear not, all has been WELL!

So thats the short version of the long story.

Now, back to the website and programs that I have wrote. I created a cache of downloads of all the programs I wrote related from my YouTube videos. You can click the link here or on the Legacy Downloads menu. This way everyone that has been looking for certain downloads can now download them all. Please note, it is as-is and legacy. Most likely none will run since a lot of it was written in Windows 7 Command Line or with AHK (Auto Hot Key).

This post was a WAY overdue one. I saw a spike in my webpage, which drew my attention to a project that I once had pride in, fade away into the abyss. I enjoyed every minute of creating content and that spark is still there. One day I will think of something more better and more proactive!

I will update this website if I plan on creating new content. That will big IF and WHEN.

This site will be pretty much static from now on out. That is, until I have newer plan’s for it.

I thank everyone who supported me and I am pleased it helped a lot of people with video game modding! Though we never went mainstream enough, I did help over 200,000 in one month back when this site was popping!

Until we meet again folks!

Much love!