The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt RM-Extraction

Product Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt RM-Extraction
Credits  SweetFX Presets:

  • MontagesNmore
  • SS v1.1
  • Project E3
  • Remaster v3.1
  • OmniFX v1.1
  • K-Putt v1.3

Master Effect Preset:

  • E3/VGX v1.8

Mods Used:

  • Console Enabler
  • Tireless Steed
  • Wild Hunt Horse
  • Extreme Storm
  • 9,000 Weight Limit
  • Blood Gore


  • MontagesNmore

Witcher 3 Icon



Description We have been creating the ultimate Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt mod for pc users across the globe! This program will feature several of the hottest presets for SweetFX, Master FX, and customized mods that will not only enhance your Witcher 3 gaming experience! Each option to extract is completely up to the user and we back this FREE program with a 100% guarantee* that it will work once you extract it to your Witcher 3 folder!

*Running off of 64-bit Win 7 SP1
Pictures  The Witcher 3 RM-Extraction
YouTube Video:
Download Link: [wpdm_package id=’1041′]

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