Splinter Cell – Blacklist Discussion & Download


In today’s post we will be discussing how to install Radeon Pro (You need to have an AMD Card). Don’t feel upset if you have an Nvidia Card because there are programs for your GPU as well! For those who don’t know what Radeon Pro is, it’s a program created solely for AMD Graphics card. In it, it gives us several options to choose from, from customizing your application settings, loading scripts, adding SweetFX to any game,  Tweaks, OSD (On Screed Display), and more! Below, we will discuss on how to install this program and import my settings to your program. As always, this program is free to use and install. The download link is below this tutorial. Enjoy!

System Settings:



CPU: AMD 965 Black Edition @ 3.8GHZ
GPU: ATI Sapphire 7950 OC Edition @ 900/1250
Driver: ATI 13.3 Beta 2
RAM: 4GB G.Skill RipJaw Series @ 1600MHZ
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX

  1. Install Readon Pro here. 
  2. Open up your Readon Pro Program
  3. Readon Pro
  4. Click and Download my settings here:
    [wpdm_file id=15] or | Blacklist.xml
  5. Click “Add New Profile”
  6. Choose your Splinter Cell Blacklist .exe or shortcut.
    Splinter Cell Blacklist
  7. Click “Backup/Restore” icon.
  8. Open up your “Blacklist.xml” and in the command here:
    <Profile name="Place where your "\src\system\blacklist_dx11_game.exe" is installed" title="Place where your "\src\system\blacklist_dx11_game.exe" is installed" executable="" args="" launcher="" method="">
  9. Where you see the “Place where…” you will have to find where you installed your game. (Its in the folder that is after \src\system). You want to locate the main *.exe file that runs your game. (Example, steam is: /steamapps/steam/)
  10. It should now look like this:
    Click the game, and hit go
  11. If you installed this correctly, then you should see that the settings have been changed to the same settings I used! Enjoy!

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