WatchDogs RM-Extraction


Mod Name Watch Dogs RM-Extraction Mod Authors Dirtydan , WorseMod, MontagesNmore Description  RM-Extraction program will feauture flawless mod installation for novice and causal mod users. We install the correct files to the correct paths so this way we take the guess work out for everyone!Program Features: SweetFX Preset by DirtyDan WorseMod Customized Settings Easy Installation for […]

Battlefield Hardline kToggler v2.1


Mod Name Battlefield Hardline kToggler Mod Author MontagesNmore Description Simple program that features a key toggle that enables important yet simple commands via Frostbyte Engines 3 console.The following commands include: No HUD toggle (Play like a pro!) FPS (Frames Per Second) digital analog on the top right corner to monitor in game FPS FPS Graph. A […]

Watch Dogs SweetFX v1.5 Preset


Mod Name SweetFX v1.5 Mod Preset Dirtydan Description   Pictures Special Notes: Installation: 1. Extract all files to your “Watch Dogs/bin” folder. (Where your games main .exe is located) 2. Turn off all OSD softwares (Fraps, Afterburner, alike) and run 3. If you are running Windows 8, goto Properties -> Comptability -> Win 7 Mode 4. […]

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