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This is where all my approved mods are displayed. They will also be featured on my YouTube page for two weeks and will help you gain: new visitors, downloads, and recognition in return. Feel free to browse them and don`t forget to give a shout out to the authors!


DeadSpace 3 – Generation Enhancer Mod


Mod Name  Deadspace 3 Generation Enhanced Mod Engine
Mod Author  Ilker Bahar
Mod Website(s)  Moddb
Total Downloads  +2.8k
Description GENERATION ENHANCER (POWER GAMES MOD ENGINE)HD gama and new gama settings
HD Exposure and new Exposure
HD Saturation  and new Saturation
HD Bleach and new Bleach
HD Defog and new Defog
HD Texture detail
HD visual and new visual
Add GAA 2.0 (FAXX&SMAA Power Enhanced)
Add Soft Smoke
Add Pralax Maping
Download Link Click Here

Skyrim: Dawnguard Werewolf Overhaul Mod

Mod Name Dawnguard Werewolf Overhaul Mod
Mod Author XeNoN
Mod Website(s) NexusMods
Total Downloads +31k
Description This mod provides 10 new perks, some old/new werewolf abilities.Werewolf abilities from 10 to lvl 50 scale but its unchanged Unarmed damage, Full Moon Rising ability is now incorporated but changed drastically (through perk),you gain more silver weakness with each level of Feral Hide perk but you gain more abilities (more on perk section), player gains Well rested when sleeping, Detect Life in human form and more.PERKS
Bestial Frenzy 2 ranks:

Adds attack speed ( first lvl +30 % and last lvl +50 %

Fury Swipes:
You gain more damage when enemies health is lower (+15 damage stack so you end up +150 damage)

Claws Of Rage 3 ranks:
lvl 1 : 10 % for crit damage
lvl 2 : 15 % for +20 % crit damage
lvl 3 : 20 % for + 50 % crit damage

Bloodmoon Rising:

Adds + Health/Stamina and +20 % Werewolf Walk/Run speed during night, half of that is active in human form.
Werewolf Form : +150 HP/Stamina, 20 % Werewolf Speed
Human Form : +75 HP/Stamina and 10 % Walk/Run Speed
Feral Hide (2 Ranks):

lvl 1: +50 Damage Resist (same as buffs on leveling from 10 to 50) and Weakness to silver weapons by x1
lvl 2: +100 Damage Resist and Feral Reflexes and x2 damage from silver weapons
Feral Reflexes description:
Slow Time effect, it is activated when enemy is power attacking (25 %) and during normal attack (10%).

Hunter’s Endurance:

Adds Heal Rate of x3.5, combat heal rate mult of 2 x and 100 stamina rate mult (basically this is regen based perk)

Download Link Click Here

Skyrim: Vampire Lord Royal Bloodline Mod

Mod Name Dawnguard Werewolf Overhaul Mod
Mod Author Xyks
Mod Website(s) NexusMods
Total Downloads +118k
Description New perks:Royal Bloodline
+ 10% to Health / Mana / Stamina
This perk changes the Vampire Lord’s armor to Harkon’s royal version (incl. Cape and Skeleton)
Requires that you have acquired all the vanilla Vampire Lord perks (there is an optionall file to delete the requirement)Sanguine Perfection
Rank 1: Increases your Blood Magic magnitude by 10%
Rank 2: Increases your Blood Magic magnitude by 20%
Rank 3: Increases your Blood Magic magnitude by 30%

Sharpened Talons
Rank 1: Increases the melee base dmg by 15% adds a 5% critical strike chance to deals +10% dmg.
Rank 2: Increases the melee base dmg by 30% adds a 10% critical strike chance to deals +20% dmg.
Rank 3: Increases the melee base dmg by 45% adds a 15% critical strike chance to deals +30% dmg.

Summon Goliath
Summons a Gargoyle Boss variant instead of a regular Gargoyle.
Removes the original summon Gargoyle Spell.
Requires the Gargoyle Perk next to Royal Bloodline.
Requires Sharpened Talons and Sanguine Perfection maxed.

Blood Transmutation
Adds a spell that converts 50 Health in 25 Magicka and 25 Stamina per second.
This should be a handy, but balanced option if you ever get caught in trouble during daylight.
Careful: This spell can kill you (we wouldn’t want to make things too easy now would we?)
Requires Sharpened Talons and Sanguine Perfection maxed.

Highly evolved Wings
Levitating slightly over the ground is unworthy for every true Vampire Lord!
This perk adds the ability to fly in “Levitating-Mode” with working collision (Give it up for J3X)
To give it a little more travel utility it also adds +50% Stamina.
Removes falling damage in leviating mode
Requires Summon Goliath and Blood Transmutation

Darkens the sun for 30 seconds
During that time you deal 50% more magic and melee damage while taking 50% less damage.
Your Regenerations will work during that period as if it were night
Can only be used outside, during the day (5h-19h) and once per day.
Note: At the moment if you activate the spell during the night it won’t take effect but will trigger the cooldown. I will try to make it so that the spell is only in yourlist during the day…

Nightmare Rune
This places a rune that will fear NPCs up to lvl. 40 crossing it for 7 seconds.
I know it doesn’t sound spectacular but i wanted to find another crowd Control possiblitly for the VL without overpowering him like the Wereolve’s “Howl of terror”
This spell only fears for a short duration, but it fears higher lvl npcs and should be a handy option to your VL.
Update: Now has a cooldown of 20 secs, that will only trigger when the Rune actually exlpoded (cool right?)

Sanguine Shield
A powerful shield (ward spell) that will cost you 35 mana per second but also block up to 50 damage. This is mainly supposed o be helpful when facing fire magic users or fire dragons.

Download Link Click Here

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