Metal Gear Solid V : RM Extraction

Mod Name Metal Gear Solid V RM Extraction
Mod Authors MontagesNmore, -Pao, xelectrowolfx, Dirtydan,  Sergeanur
Description Simple extraction program to install several premade mods for the video game Metal Gear Solid V. In our RM-Extraction program, we will automatically install and extract each mods flawlessly, to help those who are new to modding or are having issues installing these mods.
Pictures  program
Special Notes:
  • Extract installer into your Metal Gear Solid V’s main .exe folder!
  • Please refer to Read Me before using! VERY IMPORTANT!
Known Bugs:
  •  Restore FPS Button gives a warning message for “Restore Weather.” Press yes, it will still restore your FPS to 3rd person view.
  • If you extract two or more mods at the same time, the repack will crash.
Download Link:  [wpdm_package id=’919′]

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