Batman Arkham Knight RM-Extraction Download

Product Batman Arkham Knight RM-Extraction Program
Description Batman Akrham Knight RM-Extraction

Since the release of Batman Arkham Knight, there has been numerous amounts of errors. From PC crashes, memory leaks, to FPS lags, we have created a simple work around (for the time being). I have spent hours and research on how to take advantage of Unreal Engine 3 engine settings as well as customizing a profile for the program NVIDIA Inspector. Our RM-Extraction program will feature the following mods and tweaks, which include:

  • Ambien Occlusion Enabled
  • Customized Texture Heap Sizes (reduces lag time in loading smaller texture sizes)
  • Customized NVIDIA Inspector profile for Batman Arkham Knight
  • 16x AF Enabled
  • Motion Blur disabled
  • Skip Intros (described in instructions)
*Running off of 64-bit Win 7 SP1
Instructions  1. Move all files to main Batman Game Directory: (Usually ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\Binaries\Win64)

2. To Install Master Effect (includes preset for Ambien Occlusion), click on the button “Extract M.Effect” Once you have clicked it, a new window will appear. Make sure you install it into your main Batman Arkham Knight directory, which is located in the picture above.

 Once you have extracted. You don’t have to do anything else!

3. To Install Customized Settings, click on the “Extract Settings” options and our customized “BmSystemSettings.ini” will extract. Before we do anything else, we must back up our old “BmSystemSettings.ini” (in case something goes wrong, we have our backup). To do so, go to your game settings folder. This is located in “\Steam\SteamApps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config”.  Once we are in that folder, we need to rename our “BmSystemSettings.ini” to “Backup_BmSystemSettings.ini.” This will be our back up settings. We can now safely move our BmSystemSettings.ini into our config folder:

4. To install our NVIDIA Inspector profile. (FOR NVIDIA CARDS ONLY) We must first install NVIDIA Inspector here. Once installed we need to open our “NVIDIA Inspector Profile Elevated Settings.” Once we have the program open, click on the “Extract Profile.” This will extract the file “BatmanAK.nip” Once its extracted we need to extract it into our NVIDIA Inspector. To do so follow the picture below:


5. We can now play Batman Akrham Knight. These are my settings below. You can tweak your settings to your own liking. Make sure you have the latest driver installed before playing (Nvidia and AMD). Make sure your AA is off.

My Settings

6. Enjoy some ass kicking!

7. To turn off intro movies, simply go to “Set Launch Options” in steam and type the following command: “-nologo” (without quotations).

 YouTube Video:
Download Link:  [wpdm_package id=’1064′]


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